Unique & intensive.
The meeting place for BDSM and fetish enthusiasts.

On the Passion you will find:

Erotic outfits

Erotic outfits. Extravagant fetish fashion. The new collections of well-known and exclusive designers and labels. Corsets patent, latex, leather couture.


that also make the heart beat faster. For beginners and professionals.

BDSM Furniture

for the perfect equipment of a play room or studio.

Individual, exclusive and handmade products

which are not commercially available. Speak personally with the manufacturers and designers and buy unique pieces or products made to measure.

Erotic photography and art

Show Stages

with captivating performances, BDSM shows, fashion shows and interviews

Play Rooms

3 Days Passion also means 3 days of living your passion directly at the fair in playrooms.
The use of the play rooms is included in the fair price.

Inspiring workshops

for beginners and advanced. Get to know new techniques and ways of playing.


Because of the pandemic, it may only be decided at short notice what will be allowed and what will not. The parties and events have to be planned at short notice. You will find the details here on the website as soon as details are fixed.

Video BDSM & FETISH Fair Passion

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