Sub Noctem

Welcome to the "Sub Noctem" Passion Special - 25.11.2022 I Starting at 21 p.m.

On the first evening of Passion 2022, we open the doors of the Catonium to everyone who wants to experience an intense and pleasurable time as a couple or together with others to atmospheric music and candlelight.

On this evening, the entire Catonium is dedicated to play, pleasure and passion. Enjoy the extraordinary atmosphere with calm, sometimes classical music and dense spherical sounds that match the theme.

There is only a small contingent of tickets for this party for single gentlemen, Catonium members are excluded.

Wardrobe should be appropriate to the occasion and festive, you can of course turn up in your LLLs; naked in chains, or in a penitent shirt which would also be an appropriate outfit for the night.

Live your lust in a tingling atmosphere. Enjoy your play in our playrooms.

Atmospheric, darkly erotic and driving sounds by DJ Valerian (Catonium, Milkersdorf, KitKatClub).

Advance booking: 24 Euro
Box office: 30 Euro
(incl. welcome drink)

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