Passion 2020 and Coronna (Status 20.08.2020):

Does the Passion take place? Yes, see you!

The current news of the ‘ban on major events’ leads to uncertainty and to the question whether the BDSM & FETISH FAIR Passion 2020 will take place in Hamburg from 13-15.11.2020. YES, it will take place according to the current status! Trade fairs do not count as major events, but are regulated together with other sectors in the Hamburg Corona Regulation in a separate paragraph (§ 13 Sales outlets, stores, trade fairs and markets).

We have been asked several times lately: Why don’t you inform about regulations? The reason was simply that there was a ‘Corona Regulation’ in Hamburg which ran until 31.08.2020. So there was no official requirement for a trade fair in November – we could only have guessed and speculated. We did not want that. But we are very interested in open and timely communication with the exhibitors and visitors of the fair.

The new Hamburg regulation, which is valid from 01.09. until the end of November, has now been published ( Decisive for holding trade fairs in Hamburg: The sentence on visitor restrictions has been dropped. But the hygiene rules remain. With the removal of the visitor restrictions, the starting position – as far as the trade fair is concerned – has improved! For evening events, however, the same applies: Dance events remain prohibited, so we must and will have to adapt the concept for evening events to the framework that will apply from 01.09.

Now that the regulation valid in November is available, we are now coordinating our hygiene concept with the authorities. We will then inform you in detail about the results.

The following regulations can be assumed:

– Visitor registration will take place in the foyer. Here we will pay attention to data protection. Visitor registration will not take place on lists, but on individual index cards or handouts which will be placed in a firmly closed box. This box will be destroyed with its contents after the 4 weeks if there were no Corona cases. The data is NOT recorded electronically.

– As a visitor to the fair, you will have to wear face masks. There will be a stand with masks made by exhibitors in the entrance area of the fair. If you do not have a mouthguard with you or if you want to support the exhibitors by purchasing one, you can purchase a stylish mouthguard at this stand in the foyer.

– When entering the fair, hands should be disinfected (sufficient dispensers will be distributed throughout the fair hall and placed in the toilets), kept at a distance of 1.5 m, cough and rivet labels should be kept and touching should be avoided (no hugging, no shaking hands).

– The Passion will have a separate entrance and exit. A ‘one way street’ regulation is to be expected.

So the motto is: See you! Many great designers and craftsmen from the scene are already fighting for their existence. Support them! A great new corset or fetish outfit as a Christmas present will certainly create a lot of joy.

The big European BDSM & fetish scene meeting place.

Shopping. Experience captivating shows. Celebrate and dance. Play. Expand knowledge. Meet friends. Collect new experiences.

The BDSM & FETISH FAIR Passion 2020 will take place again at the hamburg schnelsen trade fair centre from 13-15 November 2020. The great response of the visitors of the last years shows: The visit of the Passion inspired and inspired the visitors. A range of more than 110 exhibitors focusing on BDSM and fetish with many exclusive and handmade products from craftsmen and designers, from photographers and artists, supplemented by a standard range for beginners makes the Passion a unique shopping experience.
But three days of passion also means three days of living and experiencing his passion. It is above all the combination of offers that makes Passion an attractive destination for a lusty fetish weekend in Hamburg: In fascinating fashion shows you can experience the latest fetish fashion trends or in inspiring performances of internationally renowned riggers on the Passion stage. In the playrooms at the fair you can directly try out the newly purchased toys. At the Passion parties you can dance, party and play. And in an extensive workshop program with experienced speakers and actors you can expand your knowledge, exchange ideas and take home new ideas and suggestions.

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